email marketing

Electronic Mail Marketing to Reach More Customers

E-mail marketing is one of the most popular ways of advertising your products and services. This is also considered as one of the most used and oldest effective way since this type of marketing campaign started way back 1978, a time where only the rich people can afford to have the computer. However, when the 21st century came, the emergence of the computer technology helped email marketing so much that it has boosted a total of millions of dollars among the businesses who used this that time.

Types of E-mail Marketing

There are mainly 3 types of email marketing which we still use to complete our advertising campaigns for our customers:

  • Transactional emails – This is a type of email which we generate to send out confirmation emails to the customers. This is pretty much far from advertisement but we mainly create this to make sure that the customer who is trying to buy your services will get a confirmation. This will actually help you boost the legitimacy of the business.
  • Direct emails – This a type of email which we mainly use when it comes to e-mail marketing. The email we send out are promotional emails as we can simply call them. Of course, we will not just promote your services randomly. We will make sure that it will be sent to the correct set of audiences. We don’t want to force the customer to unsubscribe from your promotional emails. With this type of email marketing, we usually use specialized software to automatically send it out to targeted customers. We make sure that we only use the approved software.
  • Mobile email marketing – This type of marketing is pretty much the same with the typical sending out of emails to the customers. It’s just that we would like to make sure that the emails we send out is optimized for mobile phones and smartphones. As of now, we were able to notice that there is a more probability of reading the emails thru phones as people carry it almost all of the time.

Why Buy E-mail Marketing?

  • This type of marketing your products and services has been proven to be one of the most effective. This is because we make sure it is being sent out to the interested parties.

  • Compared to the promotions being sent thru snail mails, e-mail marketing is way faster and cheaper. Also, there is more guarantee that the customer will receive it rather than leaving it at the front yard of the customer.

  • People nowadays are required to have emails for work, studies and many more. So you will surely get customers thru this type of marketing campaign. We’ll help you out in looking for the list of targeted customers.