Managing Our Affiliates

We make sure that we use all the possible methods to help us boost the rank of your website. Though most of the time SEO experts overlook affiliate marketing, we still use it because aside from the fact that it is a lot cheaper than any other forms of advertising, we still see it to give us promising returns. It’s actually not just all about affiliate marketing. This can be very risky. That’s why we have the most effective affiliate management for you.

Why and How Do We Do It?

As what mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is very risky. If you will fail to manage it properly, your links will just be thrown out randomly to affiliate websites without getting any returns from it. That’s why we make sure we just use the most reliable types of affiliate websites around. Through affiliate management, we regularly review the feedbacks that these websites are getting because once it hits negative, we’ll immediately work on it and of course, we are always prepared with a backup plan.

  • Pay per click websites
  • Online directories
  • Loyalty websites
  • Coupon websites
  • Blogs and personal websites
  • Shopping directories
  • Video sharing websites
  • … And many more!

Since we are dealing with hundreds of websites around, what we do is we have our own tool to have our eyes on them for immediate actions if needed.

We Avoid Spams (which our competitors RARELY do)

We are only after organic search engine optimization and spams slowly kills it. Currently, since internet is becoming more accessible, a lot of other SEO Companies carelessly add affiliate marketing on their list, without considering if they are still within the limit. This is another aim of effective affiliate management. It is true that we still send out emails to our customers but we are giving them an option to unsubscribe. We also make sure that the emails that they are going to get will not look like bogus. There are a lot of people who are into affiliate marketing who incorporates a lot of too good to be true promises just to buy it

With the help of affiliate management, we will make sure that the emails with promotions that we send out will not be automatically tagged as spam. We are aware that this will actually lower down the rank of the website and that is the least thing that we would like to happen.

Our affiliate management is so effective that we have constant communication to our affiliates. That’s how we take care of our reputation to get more clients. This service is most of the time included on our very affordable yet very useful packages. Contact us for a quote.