apps store optimisation

Popularizing Applications in App Stores

We are all aware of the sudden popularity of applications being offered on both Apple Store and Google Play. With this, many developers found their way of having income by creating and developing applications on both online stores, free or paid. However, with the increase popularity, this also gave stiff competition among the application developers that they have to learn the art of app store optimisation.

Things We Keep in Mind

Well, as what we always say, we are aware with almost all of the things that happen when it comes to optimization. With this app store optimisation, we came up with our own goal, to make sure that we will always have our satisfied clients. They are:

  • We make sure that whenever a user utilize the search option of the app store, it will be your application which is on the top of the list, depending on the keyword use by the user.
  • Consistently have a higher rank compared to a set of competitors.
  • High ranking for search results whenever a keyword has been used.
  • Whenever a user used the search engine to look for an application, it will still be your mobile app which is prioritized.
  • Catchy icons, screenshots, and video presentations to attract more possible app users.

Things We Do in App Store Optimisation

Compared to our usual search engine optimization process, this type of process is very new, as both Apple Store and Google Play were just launched last 2008. Believe it or not, we continually look for the best ways to have the best method and so far, we are doing well with it. We actually decided to divide our process into two:

  • Keyword Optimization – this is very similar with the typical search engine optimization that we do. We still apply this typical yet effective process on our app store optimisation process as we still believe that there are still people who will use the search engine to look for your app. Also, we proved on some evidences that keywords are still vital even if the search will be done directly in Apple Store or Google Play.

  • Asset Optimization – this is actually a crucial part of this process. From its title, it is all about making sure that it will urge a user download your application. This is all about designing the icon up to the description which you have to add. Along with this, we closely monitor the regular effects of such AO changes as we always do trial and error with this. But need not to worry. We make sure that we will always succeed with it with our talented graphics experts.

App store optimisation maybe considered as a very young process which not all of us in the SEO field have already gained the mastery. But with our dedication, we can always deliver.