eCommerce SEO Services

ecommerce seo services

Zero Errors on your E-Commerce Site

Starting up an online business is somehow challenging as you are required to make sure that you please all your customers. It is true that by having the best products and services can help you out with it but do not forget that you also have to consider the website that you have now. When it comes to e-commerce SEO, you should trust us. We have a lot of things to offer to you.

Why Choose Us?

We are completely aware on the importance of this type of search engine optimization. We do not consider the e-commerce SEO as the same for the SEO process that we do with the other typical websites. Now, in the case that you already put up an online site and needed our help to figure out what must be the problem on it why it does not rank as you expected, we can help you out in identifying the underlying problems of your website.

  • 404 pages – We already encountered a lot of websites posted at the top list of search engines which appear to be broken. These are the pages which are always redirecting you to the “404 error” which in the coming days, will surely give you a negative hit not just with the ranking, but with the trust that you are trying to build among your online visitors. With our experienced pool of SEO professionals, we will make sure that this will never happen on any page or link to your website.

  • 301 and 302 redirects – This may sound so technical but this is all about letting the search engine know if the change or move of the link to your website is permanent or temporary. We have a regular monitoring on this to avoid mistakes if there is a need to put 301 or/and 302 redirects.

  • Duplicate content pages, Meta titles, and descriptions – This is actually one of the common errors of some of our competitors when it comes to SEO. Again, we closely monitor all the pages of your website and make sure that nothing is duplicate because we are aware that it will affect the ranking of your website negatively.

  • Website speed – Now, just in case that our e-commerce SEO became a success, we wanted to make sure that it can handle a lot online visitors. Since the aim of our e-commerce SEO is to put the website on the top of the searches, we are expecting a lot of clicks and visitors. We make sure that we use the correct bandwidth for your website. The bandwidth will actual affect the speed of the website to process any of its online visitor’s transaction there.

  • If you are looking for a formidable e-commerce SEO service provider, stick with us. We can provide you the most affordable and competitive packages